Alumni Segments

Alumni Segments


There are more than 28,000 Caulfield Grammarians ranging from ages 17 to 100, living in over 20 different countries worldwide. Many of our current students are children and grandchildren of alumni. These generational links enable our alumni to share memories with their children and help prepare them to meet the world with curiosity, vigour and hope.

*Our Alumni:

  • The average age of our alumni is 32
  • 85% of Grammarians reside in Victoria
  • 70% of Grammarians are men
  • 71% of our alumni went to Caulfield Campus
  • Top overseas locations: Hong Kong & China, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, UK
  • Young Alumni (18-30) 30%
  • Mid-Career Alumni (31-45) 41%
  • Late-Career Alumni (46-65) 20%
  • Golden Alumni (65+) 9%

In order to ensure our programs are targeted and relevant to our diverse alumni population we are strategically investing in the following alumni segments:

  • Current Students
  • Young Alumni
  • Mid-Late Career Alumni
  • Golden Alumni
  • Interstate Alumni
  • International Alumni
  • Boarders

*Source: 2016 MMG Education Survey and CGA Database – Every year the percentage of young alumni, women and Wheelers Hill graduates will increase.