Ian Wilkinson Affiliate Service Awards


Nominees must be constituted members of the nominating group. Individuals may be eligible for nomination for an Ian Wilkinson Affiliate Service Award after completing one year or equivalent season of voluntary service (or such lesser period as the CGA Committee may decide in special circumstances).

Length of service alone shall be insufficient to merit an Award. Outstanding and consistent service must be the primary foundation upon which an award is granted. What constitutes outstanding service shall be determined by the CGA Committee from time to time, using the following guidelines (and such other measures as the CGA Committee, for the time being, may consider relevant and important):

  • The nominee will be judged relative to those of similar status.
  • The nominee’s contribution is expected to be outstanding relative to his or her peers.
  • The nominee’s contribution to the Affiliate Club must be of a nature that has resulted in a positive change to the life of the group, in terms of:
    – Upholding and pursuing the group’s objectives; and
    – Upholding and pursuing the Association’s and/or the School’s vision and goals.


Nominations for an Ian Wilkinson Affiliate Service Award are to be evaluated by the Membership and Awards Committee convened in accordance with Rule 9.4 of the CGA Constitution.

An Award shall only be conferred on the unanimous vote of the CGA Committee based on the recommendation of the Membership and Awards Committee.


The nomination form must be completed by the appropriate senior member of the Affiliate Club. The nomination form is to include a statement pertaining to the candidate’s outstanding and consistent service to the group.

Please complete the form below. Alternatively, you can  download a nomination form here and return it to our office via mail/email.

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    We hereby acknowledge that this nomination is made based on the rules of the Association, the nominee meets the eligibility criteria, and the nomination is supported by evidence which addresses the requirements of the eligibility criteria.