The Caulfield Grammarians’ Association (CGA) has been serving our community since 1885, when past students of Caulfield Grammar School formed an association under the presidency of TJ Smith. Excluding the latter part of the 19th Century and a brief hiatus during the Second World War, when operations virtually ceased, the CGA has been in almost continuous operation ever since.

In 1931 when Headmaster Mr Buntine decided to relinquish his private ownership of the School, it was the CGA who was instrumental in forming the School Company that took over control of the School. The CGA continued to be very active during the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s – providing support for affiliated sporting clubs and organising regular functions at which past students could meet.

In the early 1970s, the increasing membership of the Association and its growing number of activities justified the appointment of the first Executive Officer ‘Gerry’ Gerrand, who fulfilled the role with distinction until 1985. In 1990 under the leadership of Daryl Moran a comprehensive reunions program and the first of the CGA Chapters, the Buntine, Archer and Marsden Chapters, were established. In 1994 the CGA took over the responsibility of funding the Executive Director’s position and Shane Dawes became the first full-time Executive Director. Since the 1990s the CGA has continued to develop its event and reunion program, affiliate clubs, and career and networking opportunities to support active connections amongst its alumni.



Ashleigh Martin Becomes Principal

Ashleigh Martin Principal
Following Andrew Syme’s decision to retire from the position of principal, Ashleigh Randall Martin, who had been appointed Vice-Principal in 2016, is appointed as the..Read More

Linda Sprott Becomes CGA ED

Linda Sprott Becomes CGA ED
Linda Sprott is appointed CGA Executive Director.

Jim Hayman becomes President of School Council

Jim Hayman
Mr Jim Hayman becomes President of School Council following the resignation of Mr John Evans.

Andrew Syme Becomes Principal

Andrew Syme Becomes Principal
Following Stephen Newton’s decision to retire from the position of principal, Reverend Andrew Syme is appointed as the ninth head of School.

Peter Garamszegi Becomes CGA ED

Peter Garamszegi Becomes CGA ED
Peter Garamszegi becomes CGA Executive Director following Geoff Reilley’s decision to retire from the position.

Twin Halls Completed

Twin Halls Completed
The Twin Halls project is completed by the School. Following the fire that destroyed the Memorial Hall at Caulfield Campus on Melbourne Cup Day 2000,..Read More

John Evans becomes President of School Council

John Evans
Mr John R Evans becomes President of School Council following the retirement of Mr Lindsay Cuming AM.

Geoff Reilley Becomes CGA ED

Geoff Reilley Executive Director
Geoff Reilley is appointed CGA Executive Director following the resignation of Shane Dawes during 1997.

Nanjing Campus Opens

Nanjing Campus Opens
Caulfield Grammar opens a campus in Nanjing, China. This was the first international campus established by an Australian school. Year 9 students have the opportunity..Read More

Co-Education School-Wide

Co-Education School-Wide
The School becomes fully co-educational with girls enrolled in all levels at each campus.

Shane Dawes Becomes CGA ED

Stand Dawes Executive Director
Following the resignation of Daryl Moran in 1993, the CGA appoints a full-time Executive Director for the first time. Shane Dawes, a past student and..Read More

Stephen Newton Becomes Principal

Stephen Newton
Stephen Hibbert Newton commences as Principal following the retirement of Angas Holmes; following the decision to introduce co-education across the whole school, girls are enrolled..Read More

Daryl Moran Becomes CGA ED

Daryl Moran
Daryl Moran, a past student of the School and a foundation staff member at the Wheelers Hill Campus, is appointed the School’s Director of Development,..Read More

1st Wheelers Hill Graduates

Wheelers Hill Students
The first group of Year 12 students graduate from the Wheelers Hill Campus.

Bill Sayers Becomes CGA ED

Bill Sayers Becomes CGA ED
Following his retirement from the position of Head of Malvern Campus, past student W A P “Bill” Sayers becomes Head of Community Affairs within the..Read More

Wheelers Hill Opens

Wheelers Hill Opens
Caulfield Grammar celebrates its centenary; the new Wheelers Hill Campus (which operates primary and secondary classes for both girls and boys) commences operations at the..Read More

Primary Campus Established

Primary Campus Established
Malvern Grammar (now known as Malvern Campus) reverts to a primary campus only (Kindergarten to Year 6) while the former Years 7 & 8 classes..Read More

Shaw House Sold

Shaw House Staff 1979
Shaw House is sold and classes cease there as the end of year; henceforth all primary classes feeding what become Caulfield Campus are consolidated at..Read More

Wheelers Hill Land Purchased

Wheelers Hill Land Purchased
It is decided to establish a co-educational campus of the School at Wheelers Hill on land purchased in the 1960s.

Lindsay Cuming AM becomes President of School Council

Lindsay Cuming

Angas Holmes Becomes Headmaster

Angas Holmes Becomes Headmaster
Rev. Angas Spooner Holmes commences as Headmaster (title later changed to Principal) following the retirement of Lumsden.

1st CGA Executive Officer

Gerry Gerrand 1972
The CGA Committee decides that the increasing membership of the Association and its growing number of activities justifies the appointment of an executive officer to..Read More

Bruce Lumsden Becomes Headmaster

Bruce Lumsden Becomes Headmaster
Bruce Clyde Lumsden, a past student and past staff member of the School, commences as Headmaster replacing Stan Kurrle, who had accepted an offer to..Read More

Malvern Grammar Affiliated

Malvern Grammar Affiliated
Malvern Memorial Grammar School is affiliated with Caulfield Grammar School; Malvern becomes a feeder school to Caulfield, operating classes from Kindergarten to Year 8; all..Read More

CGS Becomes Member of APS

Athletics Team 1958
Caulfield Grammar School becomes a member of the Associated Public Schools of Victoria (APS) when the number of schools in this (mainly sporting) association is..Read More

Stan Kurrle Becomes Headmaster

Stan Kurrle Becomes Headmaster
Stanley Wynton Kurrle, a past student of the School, commences as Headmaster following the retirement of Archer.

Primary Campus Opens

Shaw House 1949
A primary division of the School, known as Shaw House, is opened in Mayfield Street, St Kilda East (close to the main school) in the..Read More

Yarra Junction Opens

Yarra Junction Campus Opens 1947
Following the donation of land by the Cuming family, a country centre is opened at Yarra Junction; this is the first country centre opened by..Read More

Walter Buntine Retires

Goodbye to W M Buntine
The School celebrates its 50th anniversary; through the efforts of members of the CGA and other friends of the School a company (limited by guarantee)..Read More

Francis Archer Becomes Headmaster

Francis Archer Becomes Headmaster
Buntine appoints Francis Henry Joseph Archer as Headmaster to look after the academic side of the School, while Buntine retains financial control as Principal.

CGFC is Formed

Caulfield Grammarians Football Club 1921
The Caulfield Grammarians’ Football Club, the oldest of the CGA’s affiliate bodies is formed.

Current Site Purchased

Current Site Purchased
Buntine purchases the current site of the Caulfield Campus in Glen Eira Road, St Kilda East, and moves the School there; a classroom block is..Read More

First School Magazine Published

School Magazine 1909
The first edition of the School Magazine — The Caulfield Grammarian — is published and includes a report from the past students’ association; it is..Read More

Old Boys Win Premiership

football team
A Caulfield Collegians’ football team, comprised of old boys of the School, competes in a competition run by the Colleges’ Football Association and wins the..Read More

Walter Buntine Takes Over

Walter Buntine Takes Over
Barnett relinquishes the School and eventually moves to Hong Kong where he becomes Warden of St Stephen’s College for boys and assists with the establishment..Read More

Ernest Barnett Takes Over

Ernest Barnett Takes Over
Davies decides to sell the school and later becomes Australia’s first Christian missionary to Korea; the new owner and principal is Ernest Judd Barnett; as..Read More

CGA is Formed

Caulfield Grammarians Association Formed
A past students’ association (the Caulfield Grammarians’ Association) is formed under the presidency of TJ Smith (a staff member); the association planned four meetings during..Read More

New Site

Second site Regent St purchased 1882
Davies moves his school to a new five-acre site in Regent Street, Elsternwick.

School is Founded

School is Founded
Caulfield Grammar School is founded on the 25th April by Joseph Henry Davies in a converted “lollie” shop near Elsternwick Station; there were nine pupils.