Tahir Hunter

Persistent hard work and a willingness to learn have helped Tahir Hunter (Class of 2018) with his journey after high school. He believes that by learning from those around him and grasping every opportunity with both hands he will fulfil his dream of owning his own business one day.


Experience at Caulfield Grammar

Tahir grew up in London, attending University College School, before moving back to Melbourne to attend Caulfield Grammar School in year 5. He was the School Captain the following year and relished the challenge of being a leader for his peers.


When reminiscing about his time at Caulfield, Tahir highlights the importance of the friendships he formed through sporting commitments. These gave him the opportunity to stay active, challenge himself and enjoy the company of his friends, all things that are still an important part of his life today.


Full-Time Work

Tahir left Caulfield with the understanding that over the next few years, study wouldn’t be for him. He jumped straight into full-time work and was met with a wealth of opportunities. Tahir found himself surprised by what the working world had to offer, and learnt very quickly that high school was not the be all and end all in terms of life and work. Tahir discovered that he actually has far more control in his life now and this has allowed him to work towards his goals rather than those that others have deemed best for him.

“Although my parents, family and friends give me advice, I have realised that I should be working towards what I want to achieve rather than what I’m told to pursue.”

In 2019 Tahir commenced work at Melbourne Grammar School as part of their after-school program and soon became the Head Assistant of the program as well as starting work for an Italian-based start-up called Happy. Being thrown in the deep end, in two jobs where he had little experience, Tahir learned that he wasn’t going to be spoon-fed along the way; it was up to him to make the most of his opportunities and put his best foot forward.


Through these roles, Tahir realised how important developing and maintaining positive relationships with colleagues is. To this day this remains the most valuable part of his work. Having positive relationships with his colleagues has helped Tahir thrive at work and keep career opportunities open in the future.


Sales Consultant

At the start of 2021, Tahir took on a new role, working as a sales consultant for Winning Appliances. He assisted with processing orders and advising customers on aspects of renovations. Tahir’s work heavily focused on developing and maintaining relationships with customers. His days consisted of following up and completing existing projects as well as starting new projects with clients. One of the challenges of this position is that it can become difficult to take a break and separate yourself from the job. In order to do so Tahir remains active by going to the gym and playing futsal with friends.



In 2023, Tahir still works at Winnings. After being employed as Winnings’  Victorian Commercial Account Executive for about 9 months, Tahir recently moved into managing Winnings’ Flagship Showroom in Victoria. 



While he is not entirely sure exactly where he wants to end up in the future, Tahir is keen to continue building his knowledge and working towards business management or ownership. He follows the mindset that continuing to learn is essential for everyone, no matter how much you still have to figure out. Tahir knows it is okay to still be trying to figure out what he wants to do.

“It is critical to continue learning in every role you have. This has inspired me to take risks and pursue new ventures even if I am new to an industry”

His final piece of advice to other young alumni would be to ensure that you make the most of your life. You can do this by “pursuing what you’re passionate about and working hard whilst you’re doing it.” This will allow you to truly enjoy your work and learn about yourself and an industry that you are truly interested in.



Watch the video interview with Tahir Hunter and fellow Grammarian Georgia Maclaren now.

Want to connect with Tahir? You can find him on LinkedIn.


This profile was written by a team of young Grammarians as part of our inaugural Young Alumni Tell Their Stories Week – a week of content (including a social media takeover) by young alumni for young alumni. This initiative forms part of our broader Young Alumni Ambassador Program (YAAP).

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