James Castles

Thriving at Caulfield Campus

James Castles (2008) arrived at Caulfield Grammar School in 2005 and, over the next four years, won a veritable catalogue of prizes for academic achievement and service. He was awarded School Colours for Academic Excellence, Debating, Mooting, Service and Lawn Bowls and, in his final year, was elected to the School Committee. He also earnt the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.


Finding a passion for law

In 2009 James began studying at Monash University and graduated with Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degrees in 2013. While at Monash, he spent time at the university’s centre at Prato in Italy and also at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where he studied international and European law.


Joining a social enterprise

During 2013, James joined the social enterprise organization Who Gives a Crap as employee number two and is still with them. Who Gives a Crap makes and sells totally recycled lavatory paper, paper towels and tissues. It donates 50% of profits to build toilet facilities in the developing world. The organization began in 2012 and now employs 33 people in five countries. It ships its products to more than a dozen countries. To date, their donations are just shy of $2 million.


In May 2018 James married medical researcher Benjamin Brazel who has gained a place in the medical school at University College, Cork, in the Republic of Ireland. As Head of Logistics for Who Gives a Crap, James will oversee their ten warehouses, maintaining contact with the leadership groups in Melbourne and Los Angeles. As Ireland fits between the time zones of both cities, James may well find that he has some very late nights and early mornings.


Want to connect with James? You can find him on LinkedIn.


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