S02 Ep. 3
The Investment Visionary – Insights from Ronnie Calvert’s Journey in Finance


Welcome to Season 3, Episode 3 of the CGS Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the CGS Podcast where career expert Leah Lambart engages with remarkable Caulfield Grammarian alumni regarding their career journey, highlights and challenges.

In this episode, Ronnie Calvert, CEO of Munro Partners, joins Leah to explore his path into the finance industry, his experiences managing investment portfolios, the challenges he has encountered and more. 

Show Notes

Ronnie Calvert shares his journey from Caulfield Grammar to a prominent finance career, discussing the challenges and triumphs along the way, including his
significant contribution in various industries.

The conversation included some of the following discussion highlights:

> Education and Early Career
Ronnie’s path from Caulfield Grammar to studying Science and Commerce at the University of Melbourne.

> Transition to Chartered Accounting
Starting his career with Ernst and Young and the skills he developed during his seven years there.

> Shift to Industry Roles
Moving from chartered accounting to broader roles in mining and operations management.

> Current Role and Responsibilities
Leading Munro Partners as CEO, overseeing the investment team and managing key partnerships.

> Developing Soft Skills
The value of public speaking, teamwork and continuous learning in professional growth. 


About Ronnie Calvert

Ronnie Calvert graduated from Caulfield Grammar in 1992 and pursued a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne. He began his career with Ernst and Young, where he worked for seven years before transitioning to the mining industry in an Operations Manager role. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Munro Partners, a boutique investment management firm.

Connect with Ronnie on LinkedIn and find out more about Munro Partners here.

“Developing soft skills, such as public speaking, is crucial to articulate ideas clearly. Toastmasters or similar courses can help. Building relationships and networking are key for business development. Confidence and the ability to present areas are important for career progression.”


About The Host

Leah Lambart is a career expert with 10 years of recruitment experience and 10,000+ coaching hours. She founded Relaunch Me to help people who dare to find their ‘best fit’ career. That is, fulfilling and meaningful work aligned with their personality, strengths, interests & values. She works with clients from recent school leavers to executives across all industries & provide practical career change advice taking into account their skills, experience, values & financial obligations.

Connect with Leah on LinkedIn.
Learn more about Relaunch Me.


Episode Transcription

For those interested in diving deeper into Ronnie Calvert’s inspiring journey and insights, we have made the full episode transcription available online.

Click here to read the detailed conversation and gain valuable perspectives from Ronnie on his career and working in investment management.

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