Podcast Episode Transcription: Season 1, Episode 2

Liam McIntyre:

I’m Liam McIntyre. I graduated in ’99 from Caulfield Grammar. I went to Malvern and then to Caulfield, and, yeah, that was my journey.

I only remember bits and pieces. I remember being on this big rug in the main hall at Malvern Grammar, in the campus, in the big hallway there. I remember talking too much, as I still do now, and having to sit on the star, which was part of the special wooden flooring. There was this beautiful parketry star, the detention star. I spent a lot of time there. Not for anything mean, but just for being nervous and not shutting up.

There were also incredible moments with our friendship group and with some of the best teachers I’ve ever had, like Mrs. Ratner in English, who really taught me to appreciate Shakespeare. The first thing I ever did as an actor was a Shakespeare show, and the only reason I did it was because she gave me a love of Shakespeare. So when someone asked me if I wanted to act, I initially thought it was dumb, but then they said it was a Shakespeare show, and I thought, well, Shakespeare is kinda cool.

Even though I wasn’t an actor at school, some of the building blocks for my career were laid there. For that show, I got this audition because the lead actor got cancer and had to step away. Sadly, he didn’t recover, but they needed a replacement. I was just like, oh, an audition, amazing. I didn’t get many auditions. I had just finished my first proper movie and had lost a lot of weight for the role. So, they liked my audition, which was the biggest win I ever had as an actor.

I was called by the head of the studio, who told me they wanted me to fly to New Zealand for training. I was thrilled. My boss, who had just promoted me, was very supportive. The training was intense, but it was an incredible experience. Eventually, after many auditions, I got the call saying, “We want to speak to Spartacus,” and I got the job. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, but my girlfriend, now my wife, was there and screamed in excitement.

I spent a few years in New Zealand filming and then moved to LA, where we lived for nine years and had our first child. During the pandemic, we moved back for a while, but I got another job, so I might have to go back again. It’s been an amazing journey, one I never imagined when I was in school.

Being an actor is like being in a casino with big wins and losses. It’s tough, and there’s a lot of personal rejection, but it’s incredibly satisfying when it goes well. They don’t teach you how to live as an actor, just the skills. After Spartacus, I thought I was set, but faced a lot of rejection. It takes resilience to handle this lifestyle.

For those graduating, you have incredible opportunities from your education at Caulfield. You can choose any path, and even if it’s not acting, pursue what you love. It’s exciting to have such freedom and possibilities. Make sure to follow your dreams with the skills you’ve acquired.