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The CGS Tuckshop: Food and Memories. 

Most of us have a vivid memory of tuckshops from our school days. Recently on the radio some listeners shared their favourite foods such as Chocolate Milk, pies and donuts, salad sandwiches, cream buns, and hot buttered rolls. 


Photo: The Tuckshop in 1930s by student John Hepworth


In the CGS Centenary history book, Years May Pass On 1881-1981, Horace Webber paid tribute to the pioneer of the CGS Tuck-shop, Mrs Leek, a war-widow, who served food out of a small kiosk. On retirement in 1939, Mrs Leek was presented with two tokens of gratitude, a cheque from the staff and from the School Captain, a wristlet watch, on behalf of the boys. As well a tribute and poem, “To Mrs Leek,” was published in News and Views (Oct 1939).  


In the 1940’s, Mrs Densley ran the tuckshop, and a poem titled, ‘Our own Mrs Dens, “was printed in News & Views (Dec 1943). The model of a manager and parent volunteers then developed  
When the Wheelers Hill Campus opened in 1981 a tuckshop was open from the first day supported by volunteers and manager. A pricelist from 1984 lists a hot dog as 70 cents, iced donut 40 cents, salad and cheese sandwich 60 cents and chocolate frogs, 10 cents each.  

Photo: 1981, Wheelers Hill Tuck Shop

Today’s options include breakfast specials such as an egg & bacon roll and sushi, rice paper rolls and a daily lunch menu. What are your CGS food memories? If you have a moment, email your memories to archives@caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au 

Follow-up: The Teaching of Languages at CGS – Spanish  
Last month I wrote about the teaching of languages at the Caulfield Campus but failed to list Spanish. Thanks to Rob, who made contact to point out the omission. Spanish was taught by Mr. Cec Edwards at Shaw House and in the junior forms at Senior Campus by various staff in mid 1960s-70s. 
Making Contact:  
The CGS Archives and Heritage Collection spans 1879 to the present-day including Malvern Memorial Grammar School (Malvern Grammar) memorabilia. Any research queries or offers of donation are welcome by contacting The Archivist. Phone (03) 9524 6249 or email archives@caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au. 

Judith Gibson 
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