Fox Classic Car Collection Museum – 1881 Bequest Society

The 1881 Bequest Society took a group of excited car enthusiasts to the Fox Classic Car Collection Museum on the 18th of April.  The Fox family has some members of the family who are alumni at CGS.

The collection is housed in what was a Royal Mint a heritage building and stands as a testament to some of the most prestigious and rarest cars seen under one roof globally. The cars are beautifully cared for and are taken from over 250 rare and exceptional vehicles which is constantly being updated.

Our members and guests were taken on a special tour by two passionate volunteers at the museum who spoke about the history of the vehicles and their importance to the collection. The collection is housed over two expansive floors in what is now the Queens Shed at the Docklands. Guests marvelled at the sleek designs the brilliant automotive engineering and the cutting-edge technology.

The tour was followed by lunch at Mr Collins and our guests were delighted to be able to catch up and connect with their fellow grammarians.

We are always pleased to see some of our Society members and importantly some new faces, and we look forward to welcoming everyone again at our next event.

These events are designed to engage with our Society members acknowledge and thank them in their lifetime and encourage others to join them and leave a legacy. If you would like to learn more about the 1881 Bequest Society, please contact either Andrew Cole or Debra Stiebel in the Foundation office.

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