Regal Funds Management

Regal Funds Management was founded in 2004 by Andrew and Philip King. Regal manages a number of alternative investment strategies and performs investment management and investment advisory services to a number of Australian Unit Trusts and Cayman Island Companies.

Regal launched its first product, the Atlantic Absolute Return Fund in March 2004 which has twice been named the Australian Hedge Fund of the Year. The fund was launched in order to provide a differentiated investment opportunity for the Australian market by focusing on absolute returns and seeking to benefit from both long and short side investing.

In 2005, Regal launched its market neutral strategy via the Amazon Market Neutral Fund with a focus on attractive returns with low correlation to equity markets. This strategy was made available to Australian investors in 2007 via the Tasman Market Neutral Fund. These funds have been recognised for numerous awards since their inception including Australian Hedge Fund of the Year, Best Asian Relative Value Fund (Eurekahedge Asian Hedge Fund Awards) and Best Market Neutral Fund (Asia Hedge Awards).

Regal’s Australian Long Short Equity Fund launched in 2009 with the strategy made available to retail investors in 2011. These funds are designed to provide exposure to specific parts of the market while still taking advantage of Regal’s investment capabilities on the long and the short side.

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