We created and patented the next generation of wheelbarrows and integrated accessories so that you can complete your home DIY and gardening projects through to the toughest trade jobs Safer, Easier and Faster.

The wheelbarrow is central to home DIY, garden, agriculture and the trade industry yet since its creation two thousand years ago little has changed. We come from building and product development, we are proud home owners and gardeners and we knew that it’s time for a better barrow. So we devoted our energy and expertise to develop the BucketBarrow – the next evolution in wheelbarrows.

BucketBarrow products are built from over 20 years industry experience and a desire to ‘do it better’. We are building and construction professionals, innovative industrial designers, dedicated product managers and trusted business owners. Like you, we value quality products that do what they say they will do; products that are integral, reliable and built to last.

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