Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories

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Gender Equity – Veronica Sullivan

The Webster Family – Jim Webster

6th Principal – Bruce Lumsden

Distinguished Service Order – Frank Weir

Local Government – Bill Bott

Epilepsy Research – Pip Karoly

Graphic Design for Change – Zoe Alexiades

A Thriving CGS Family – Niki Gaal

Creativity in Business – Billy Green

A Student’s 2020 – Lauren Tran

YJ Trainee – Grace Waddingham

Commitment to the Craft – Darcy Brown

AFL Player – Will Phillips

A Lifetime in Sport – Lachlan Kellaway

World of Permaculture – Tessa Wallace

Passionate Grammarian – Matthew Scholten

Law & Cricket – Cameron Dickson

Skier and Footballer – Maysen Duffy

Singer and Student – Matt Davies

Rower and Surveyor – Mark Upton

Lawn Bowler – Chris Warne

Teacher and Runner – Mark Frater

Dedicated Singer and GP – Barbara Iakovidis

Athletics Coach – Neville Sillitoe

Brownlow Medalist – Chris Judd

Policy and People – Claudia Kevin

Future Business Owner – Tahir Hunter

Creativity, Adventure and Travel – Georgia Maclaren

VFLW Star & Future Paramedic – Kara Henderson

Architecture & Sustainable Fashion – Blake Hillebrand

Acting the Part – Youssef Sabet

Focused on the Future – Abigail Xu

Para Triathlete and Mental Health Ambassador – Liam Twomey

Committed to Dance – Lauren Jaksetic

Dancer and Pilates Instructor – Oceane Le Bouder

Navigating Entrepreneurship – Jesse Toniolo

Poet & Jokester – Alan Pentland

Archer Chapter President – Walter Dowell

Foundation Student & Education Advocate – Fleur Goulding

Director, Producer & Writer – Tamara Natt

8th Principal – Stephen Newton

Humanitarian & Water Leader – Daniel Lambert

Lawyer, Footballer & Grecophile – Tony Johnson

Camel Corps – William Martin Fender

Field Ambulance Officer – Hugh Gemmell Lamb-Smith

Private at Gallipoli – Claude Terrell Crowl

59th Battalion – Richard H M Gibbs

Captain at Gallipoli – Andrew Percival Rowan

Cadet Drill Instructor – Ernest Norman Coffey

Third Victorian Bushmen – James William Christie

Humanitarian Engineer – Jessica Coldrey

Doing Good in the World – Denis Hyland

A Career is a Journey – Kate Hanly

General Counsel – Melinda Honig

Follow your Passions – Georgie Cowell

Podcast Host & Disability Advocate – Peta Hooke

Foundation Student & Psychiatrist – Carolynne Marks

Women’s Coaching Pioneer – Aish Ravi

Western Bulldogs Legend – John Schultz

Radio Personality – Dylan Lewis

Ballet Dancer and Choreographer – Christopher Hill

Body Architect – Lucy McRae

Premier of Victoria – Lindsay Thompson

Opera Singer – Helena Dix

Rowing Enthusiast & Surgeon – Bruce Waxman

Netballer & Nurse – Shayna Hingmann

Cricket Club President – Cameron Scholten

Soprano – Genevieve Lim

Bowler, Cricketer & Footballer – Nigel Kendall

Team Mate & Triathlete – Anne Martin

Planner & President – Peter Small

Don’t Stop Dancing – Dimitri Raptis

Rising Star – Milly Hines

Military Historian – Daryl Moran

Game, Set, Match – Graeme Cumbrae-Stewart

Champion for women in sport – Louise Bibby

A Story of Mateship – Andrew Brandt

Community Spirit – Tony Beddison

Passionate Yachtsman – Ian Felsenthal

The Crabtree Family

Football Fanatic – Grace Buchan

The Singing Doctor – Anita Muñoz

Industry innovator – Meher Virdi

2nd Female President – Emily Davis

The Four Minute Mile – John Landy

The Light Horse – Charles Reginald Handfield

Captain at Gallipoli – Herbert Humphreys Hunter

Chaplain Major – Ormonde Winstanley Birch

First Captain of CGFC – Jack Robinson

Bushmen Squadron – Walter Laishley Spier

Mounted Infantryman – Bernard Everett Bardwell

Diversity Champion – Jayde de Bondt

Anesthetist & Wine Lover – Robert Eyres

Writing for Televsion – Ellen Shanley

A Lifetime Legacy – Morris Hart

A Love of the Stage – Lexie Van Maanen

Newspaper Man – Michael Macgeorge

Fighting for Dignity – Richard Bourke

High Achiever – Jerry Mao

The Power of Words – Matt Cameron

Partner – Pip Mitchell

Making It – Richard Wied

The Emerald Isle – James Castles

An Alloy Attraction – Ian Polmear

Sustainable Fashion – Rhianna Knight

Our Seven Vorraths

Olympic Athlete – Tamsyn Lewis

Long-term Grammarian – Lindsay Cuming

Reserves Rover – Belle Connor

Formula 1 Fanatic – Sam Lister

Food is Fuel – Elly McLean

Music in Fashion – Alex Trail

Lone jogger – Dr Jack Cherny

A Love of Medicine – Sian Brownlow

Arrival of the Rajah – Eva Abbinga

From the Cripps to the Ivy League – Oscar Mason

Table Tennis Champion – Melissa Tapper

APRA Award Winner – Phil Barton

A Career in Construction – Peta Krahn

Olympic Swimmer – Mack Horton

Stonnington’s Youngest Mayor – Jami Klisaris

Law & Music – Yvonne Kushnir