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The Singing Doctor – Anita Muñoz

Industry innovator – Meher Virdi

2nd Female President – Emily Davis

The Four Minute Mile – John Landy

The Light Horse – Charles Reginald Handfield

Captain at Gallipoli – Herbert Humphreys Hunter

Chaplain Major – Ormonde Winstanley Birch

First Captain of CGFC – Jack Robinson

Bushmen Squadron – Walter Laishley Spier

Mounted Infantryman – Bernard Everett Bardwell

Diversity Champion – Jayde de Bondt

Writing for Televsion – Ellen Shanley

A Lifetime Legacy – Morris Hart

Newspaper Man – Michael Macgeorge

A Love of the Stage – Lexie Van Maanen

Fighting for Dignity – Richard Bourke

High Achiever – Jerry Mao

The Power of Words – Matt Cameron

Making It – Richard Wied

Partner – Pip Mitchell

The Emerald Isle – James Castles

An Alloy Attraction – Ian Polmear

Sustainable Fashion – Rhianna Knight

Our Seven Vorraths

Olympic Athlete – Tamsyn Lewis

Long-term Grammarian – Lindsay Cuming

Reserves Rover – Belle Connor

Formula 1 Fanatic – Sam Lister

Food is Fuel – Elly McLean

Music in Fashion – Alex Trail

Lone jogger – Dr Jack Cherny

A Love of Medicine – Sian Brownlow

Arrival of the Rajah – Eva Abbinga

From the Cripps to the Ivy League – Oscar Mason

Table Tennis Champion – Melissa Tapper

APRA Award Winner – Phil Barton

A Career in Construction – Peta Krahn

Olympic Swimmer – Mack Horton

Stonnington’s Youngest Mayor – Jami Klisaris

Law & Music – Yvonne Kushnir