Caulfield Grammarians' Production Company

CGA Theatre Project[87]

The CGPC is an affiliate club that fosters an accessible and inclusive space for performing arts enthusiasts. Our mission is to showcase the diverse talents of the performers and creators within the Caulfield Alumni and broader community. We are an outlet to bring stories to life and nurture the development of our members. Whether it’s behind the curtain or on stage, everyone has a role to play in ensuring our collective success. 


Initially established as the CGA Theatre Project by Yourself Sabet, our company hit the stage with a successful rendition of Louis Nora’s Cosi in 2019, laying the groundwork for our organisation. With a new board in the driving seat since late 2023, we focus on expanding upon this foundation, cultivating a local theatre community enriched by its passion and volunteers. 


Everyone is welcome, whether it is on stage or off, in costumes or lighting design. Please contact the CGPC via or their website.


You can also find the CGPC on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news!