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Fair Play – Kara Henderson’s Insights on Gender Equality in Sports

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1 of the CGS Podcast

Welcome to Season 1 of the CGS Podcast, tune in as our alumni reminisce about their favourite memories from school and discuss the unique career journeys they have embarked on since graduating.

In this episode, Kara Henderson openly discusses her thoughts on the challenges of balancing a career in sports and healthcare, sharing her journey to paramedics while playing for the Hawthorn Hawks. 


Show Notes

Kara Henderson discusses her dynamic journey from Caulfield Grammar to pursuing dual passions in football and paramedicine, sharing her experience and insights along the way.

The conversation included some of the following discussion highlights:

> Education and Early Career
Kara’s path from Caulfield Grammar to studying biomedicine and securing a traineeship at Yarra Junction.

> Balancing Dual Passions
Navigating the challenges of excelling in both football and her paramedicine studies.

> Footy Journey
From starting late in football to joining the Hawthorn Hawks and overcoming a significant knee injury.

> Impact of AFLW
The growth and evolution of women’s football, the increasing visibility, and the positive changes it brings to young girls.

> Future Aspirations
Kara’s goals in reaching AFLW, working as a paramedic, and potentially pursuing a medical degree.


About Kara Henderson

Kara Henderson graduated from Caulfield Grammar in 2015 and pursued a degree in biomedicine. After completing a traineeship at Yarra Junction, she started playing football with the Hawthorn Hawks while studying paramedicine. Despite facing challenges in balancing both passions, Kara has continued to excel in her sports career and academic pursuits. She aims to play in the AFLW and eventually work for Ambulance Victoria, with future plans of studying medicine. Kara is an inspiring figure for young athletes, demonstrating the importance of resilience and dedication in achieving one’s goals.

Connect with Kara on LinkedIn.

“Women have always played footy, but it has been kind of behind closed doors. So it’s awesome that that’s getting out there now, and I hope that continues into the future.”


Episode Transcription

For those interested in diving deeper into Kara Henderson’s inspiring journey and insights, we have made the full episode transcription available online.

Click here to read the detailed conversation and gain valuable perspectives from Kara on her current journey.

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