Mixing Business and Pleasure

Tim Robinson (1983-1985) met Andrew Williams (1980-1985) over a game of pool in the year twelve common room. Their competitive banter continued for years as their friendship grew – road trips; rounds of golf; family holidays and many big New Year’s Eve’s. Andrew’s son Charlie even took Tim’s daughter to the CGS Presentation Ball in 2016.

They were great mates and caught up weekly but never mixed business with friendship.

That all changed recently when Tim asked Andrew and his agency Dave String Advertising to develop a new identity and website for his strategic logistics business – HIVE3pl.au. Tim’s constantly busy in their warehouses and he needed someone who could just step in and know what to do. “It made good sense for me to engage Andrew to rebrand the business. He gets me. He gets things done.” said Tim.

Andrew agrees. “We’ve ended up working with quite a few clients with a CGS connection, and it makes it not feel like work.”

They’ve both been busy co-creating something special. And just like they did back in the 80s, they’re enjoying a few laughs. And yes, the competitive banter continues. The image above includes Andrew and Tim in both 1989 and 2023.

Visit our business directory to read more about Dave String Advertising and HIVE Strategic Logistics. 

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