Will Cuming

Will Cuming, a Caulfield Grammar School alum, recently reflected on his journey from Australia to New York. Over four years ago, he and his wife made the move, a decision that coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the contrast between the two locations, Will doesn’t find it too jarring, perhaps due to his previous visits to the city or the comforting presence of other Australians in New York. 


Music played an integral role in shaping Will’s school life at Caulfield. He participated in all music-related activities, spending much of his free time in the music centre. His dedication saw him play various instruments, but guitar and flute were his primary focus. 


Will fondly recalls his involvement in the Jazz Big Band, showcasing his musical talents and contributing to the school’s vibrant music scene. The band participated in various events and performances, including the Generations in Jazz Festival in South Australia and a European music tour during his Year 11. The tour covered several countries, including the UK, Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary. 


From an early age, Will knew he wanted to be a musician. He was interested in music production and had an affinity for economics. Today, he’s merged these two interests, having become a successful musician while also pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics through UTS, Sydney. 


Some of his best memories from Caulfield include playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival and a five-week program in Nanjing, China. Both experiences were highlights of his time at the school, offering him incredible yet different experiences.  


Several teachers and mentors significantly impacted Will during his time at Caulfield. He remembers Joe O’Callaghan from the jazz department, his German teacher  Dr Andrew Blumbergs, Miss George, the head of music, and Dr. Ford, his chemistry teacher. 


Will’s day-to-day life is a blend of music, technology, and entrepreneurial spirit. During the winter months, he often finds himself working from home. But on more exciting days, he might be heading into Manhattan for music meetings or spending time in a studio. He also travels to LA quite frequently.  

In addition to his music career, Will has been delving into the world of software engineering over the past few years. He started teaching himself during the COVID-19 pandemic while completing his Master’s degree. Now, he’s building a startup—a music platform designed explicitly for the music industry. While he can’t share too much about the project yet, it’s evident that it’s an exciting venture that combines his love for music and his newfound interest in coding. 

When he’s not working on his startup or making music, Will enjoys exploring New York with his wife. She works at the New York Times, which occasionally means they get to attend Times events and other activities around the city. His wife is also from Melbourne, Australia, just like Will. 


When asked about the future, Will shares his vision of continuing his dual career in music and technology. He sees himself returning to Australia and building technology at some point. Yet, if there’s one thing he’s learned over these fast-paced years, it’s that the future can be unpredictable. His plans might change, but for now, this is where he sees his path leading. 


Will finds inspiration from various sources. His wife is a significant source of motivation for him, having had an impressive career herself. He also draws inspiration from his cousin, a famous artist based in America who goes by the name RY X, and admires how he has built his career. 

Outside work, he loves playing sports, mainly soccer, with South American friends in New York. He enjoys the city’s vibrant food and drink scene and has recently taken up making homemade pasta as a hobby. Will relishes learning new things and often picks up random hobbies for fun. 

Under his project “LANKS”, he has released various albums and supported the likes of Glass Animals, Toro Y Moi, RUFUS and RY X.

Listen to LANKS  here.

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