Chris Warne

Time at Caulfield Grammar

Chris Warne attended Caulfield Grammar School from 1971 (Year 7) to 1976 (Year 12). After graduating with his Higher School Certificate, he studied pharmacy and entered that profession, which he says had always been his ambition when growing up.


Chris was a member of the first eighteen in both 1975 and 1976. He nominates playing football in front of a home crowd on the main oval on a Friday afternoon as his best memory of his time at CGS.


Life changes

A few years ago Chris Warne began scaling back full-time work as a pharmacist, concentrating more on locum work. Recently, he retired completely from pharmacy work and has been undertaking some short-term work projects such as being a census field officer. He and his wife Yvonne have also made the move from suburban Melbourne down to Rye and are currently waiting for their new apartment to be completed.


Sport, particularly golf and lawn bowls, has been something that Chris has enjoyed throughout his life. He also enjoys watching AFL football, reading and the move to Rye has given him the opportunity for regular walks on the back beach.


Finding the CGA Bowls Team

Chris Warne joined the MCC Bowls Club some years ago and plays competitive bowls for them. His move to locum pharmacy work provided him with time to play some bowls during the week. This has included becoming a member of the CGA bowls team that plays regular social matches once a month on Wednesdays during the summer season.


Chris says that he has enjoyed the opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones through his involvement in CGA bowls.

“Through the bowls section you get to re-unite with past Caulfield students and those of other APS schools from clubs near and far. The contests are more social than in pennant bowls and are suitable for people new to bowls who can gain competition experience in a relaxed atmosphere.”

As he is now living outside Melbourne, Chris hopes to play as many games as is possible for the CGA team in the 2021/22 season. Although in his early 60s Chris is still one of the younger members of the team and says that it is important for the club to attract more younger players in the near future to ensure its ongoing success. This is particularly true for the annual APS past students’ competition that is held on a Sunday in March each year.


Future possibilities

Chris Warne is not absolutely sure what he will be doing in 5 or 10 years’ time but hopes that it includes playing with a grandchild, getting better at bowls, exploring local history, reading more and perhaps doing some more travel (if this can be done safely).

He says that his aim is to “look at everything in life from a positive aspect, prioritising what interests me and brings joy to myself and those I like and love. I’ve dropped the irritants and deal positively with the essential things that just have to be done”.

He adds that he is inspired by “positive people who live life fully on their own terms without exploiting others”.


Chris is pleased that through the CGA and its affiliate bodies Caulfield ensures that it still cares for its community after they leave school. We wish him all the best in his retirement and hope that the CGA bowls team continues to enjoy camaraderie on the greens.


If you are interested in joining the CGA lawn bowls team, please contact the CGA Office on (03) 9524 6229 or cga@caulfieldgs.vic.edu.au.

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