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Student Values


The Student Values project is designed to define the behaviours that represent each of our School Values. Taking input from students of all ages and across all campuses, behaviours that build School community have been devised and revised to guide our actions.

“Life is a piano; these are the keys for life.” – Susan Zhang, Year 9 Wheelers Hill

The end goal was to improve the School culture. With 1,694 students completing a survey regarding the School Values, 222 students then consolidated this raw information into specific behaviours. The process was finalised by 111 student leaders from the 6 committees across Caulfield, Wheelers Hill, and Malvern campuses — with the Student Value Behaviours launching earlier this year in May.

“One of the goals was to provide an opportunity for students to voice their opinions and thoughts on how the values may apply to them and their cohort, playing a role in determining the values which would underpin what it means to be a student at the School.” – Zach Ah Tye, Year 12 Wheelers Hill

To have the opportunity to have my thoughts heard, and to have a lasting and concrete impact on my School’s culture for years to come, was a great privilege. The discussions had were rich and fruitful, with every participant contributing their own thoughts about how to best represent the School Values in simple and easy-to-understand dos and don’ts that will guide the student body.

“I recall when the pizza came, all the students coming together and laughing as we were all part of something special. I also recall pulling apart the behaviours of our values, and working through the dos and don’ts.” – Lola Karavesov, Year 6 Malvern Campus

It was a challenge to architect these dos and don’ts, with everyone from kindergarten students to Year 12s and teachers having to be able to understand and apply them to their lives.

Countless drafts, discussions and revisions were needed before the final Student Value Behaviours could be presented — each value accompanied with actions everyone in the School community could take on.

“I remember sitting in the library observing students on the final day of the project before they split off into groups. It warmed my heart to see students from different year levels and campuses interacting and getting to know each other.

That was the best part about this project – the whole CGS community united to develop something special and lasting.” – Will Phillips, Year 12 Wheelers Hill

The project was coordinated by teacher Sarah Klein, with all the forums of discussion organised and led by her.

At workshops we were separated into cross-campus and inter year-level groups, so that each discussion had insight from a diverse selection of the School.

I personally enjoyed the philosophical side of the dialogue, as well as the process of simplifying complex ideas to be easily digestible by all.

“I think the student input part of the project shows how progressive the values are and how the School will benefit from listening to the students, as well as teachers.” – Emily Hawdon, Year 12 Caulfield Campus

With the Student Value Behaviours complete, focus is now on effectively embedding these ideas within the School community. It’s a challenge to improve the culture of a community as large as Caulfield Grammar, but with such refined behaviours guiding us, we hope that the Values and Behaviours can be made visible.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and culture will not be made in a term or a semester; this is something that will need continuous work for years to come.” – Campbell Greeves, Year 12 Wheelers Hill


Lincoln Rayner

School Committee member, Year 12 Caulfield Campus


Feature photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash.

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