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COVID-19: A Message of Gratitude

message of gratitude

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and its impacts, the CGA would like to thank all of our Grammarians and those in the community who are working tirelessly on the frontlines.

Thank you to the health care professionals and first responders who put their own lives at risk every day, care for those in need and ultimately save lives.

Thank you to the supermarket staff, transport and hospitality workers that have enabled people to keep their pantries stocked and get safely from point A to B.

Thank you to the teachers, education staff and students who have adapted to new ways of teaching and learning, embraced creativity and innovation while accepting the challenges involved.

Thank you to the families, caregivers and friends who have juggled competing demands, protected the young, vulnerable and elderly, and provided a safe and loving environment.

Thank you to the Grammarians who have rallied behind our Caulfield community and shared encouragement and support with one another. #GrammariansSupportingGrammarians

Thank you to these individuals and the many more not mentioned that have gone above and beyond. The work that you do cannot be underestimated and you have our sincere gratitude.

If you have a story of hope, gratitude or kindness to share we would love to hear from you – email us at [email protected]. Lets work together to focus on the positives and highlight those in our community that we can all be proud of, those who embody the true Grammarian spirit. #GrammarianSpirit

We hope you and your family remain safe and well during these extraordinary times.


Photo by Ussama Azam on Unsplash.

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