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Aquatic & Wellbeing Centre

aquatic centre

Mr Ashleigh Martin Principal, recently announced plans for a new Aquatic and Wellbeing Centre to be built at Caulfield Campus. The new facility will include a 50m Olympic-size indoor swimming pool showcasing innovative advances in aquatic sports technology.

The new aquatic centre will include a moveable floor that can be raised and lowered to adjust the water depth to cater for different aquatic programs such as competition swimming, water polo, diving and learn-to-swim. In addition, an integrated moveable boom and pop-up pool wall allows for the flexibility and versatility to arrange the pool for various configurations and uses, increasing its capacity and use at any one time.

“This will improve our ability to have multiple classes in this space and fully utilise this outstanding resource,” added Mr Martin.

The Aquatic and Wellbeing Centre will also feature leading environmentally sustainable design elements to reduce the carbon footprint of the building including an advanced pool water treatment system to reduce water consumption, energy consumption and chemical treatments, high performance glazing and water efficient fittings.

This announcement comes after a wonderful year of success for the Caulfield Grammar School Aquatic Program in 2017 — APS Championship winners in Girls and Boys Swimming and Girls Water Polo. It is anticipated this outstanding facility will further support and enhance the school’s aquatic programs well into the future.

In addition, the purpose built wellbeing spaces allow for the provision of dance, Pilates, meditation and yoga. As a school, we are committed to the wellbeing of our community, and this facility will further enhance our programs and contribute to the long-term health and wellbeing benefits for students and the wider school community.

The Caulfield Grammar School Foundation are working with the wider Caulfield community to seek philanthropic support for the Centre.

The Aquatic and Wellbeing Centre will be located between the Hepworth Centre and connected to The Lindsay Thompson Sports and Physical Education Centre. Preparation for construction is due to commence in the coming months. The building works are anticipated to conclude in the second half of 2019.

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