2021-22 CGA AGM & Committee

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2021-22 CGA AGM & Committee

2021-22 CGA Committee

We are delighted to announce that as a result of our AGM on Monday 24 May, we have a newly-elected Committee.

Our 2021-22 Committee is:

  • President (1 Year Term) – Emily Davis (2007-12)
  • Senior Vice President (1 Year Term) – Henry Jones (1979-89)
  • Vice President (1 Year Term) – Grant Poulter (1998-2001)
  • Honorary Treasurer (1 Year Term) – Louise Lambeth (née Li), (2001-06)
  • Honorary Secretary (1 Year Term) – Fleur Goulding (1981-89)
  • YPS Representative (1 Year Term, incumbent) – Ella Stonier-Watson (2005-18)
  • Immediate Past President (1 Year Term) – Andrew Aitken (1986-92)
  • General Representative (2 Year Term) – Fleur Katsmartin (née Katsnelson) (1996-2001)
  • General Representative (2 Year Term) – Sam Tuck (2011-14)
  • General Representative (1 Year Term, incumbent) – John Sanderson (1993-2004)
  • General Representative (1 Year Term, incumbent) – Lachlan Van Styn (2003-15)

We welcome new Committee Member Fleur Katsmartin (née Katsnelson) who joins as a General Representative.

Fleur Katsmartin (née Katsnelson)  attended Caulfield Campus from 1996 to 2001. She was a  member of the School Committee in her final year and was awarded full school colours both academic and for debating. While studying for arts and law degrees at Monash University, Fleur worked part-time as an administrative assistant in the CGA Office. Following her  graduation, Fleur worked as a law graduate, lawyer and senior lawyer at the Australian Government Solicitor for nearly six years. She joined Healthdirect Australia as Legal Counsel and Assistant Company Secretary in 2013 after a brief period as a senior associate at the law firm of Lander & Rogers. She has served as Senior Legal Counsel and Company Secretary at Healthdirect and is currently its General Counsel. Fleur is also mother to Luka (2 years old) and Apollo (9 weeks).

We thank Samantha Naismith and Sarah Plant (née Connell) who leave the Committee after many years of dedicated service.

Samantha Naismith joined the General Committee in 2016 and has served as Honorary Treasurer since 2019. As treasurer, she has overseen the transition of the CGA accounts from the old accounting system to the new Xero software package and been involved in the investment taskforce that has made recommendations regarding diversifying the Association’s share portfolio. In addition to her work as treasurer, Sam has attended many CGA functions, providing valuable assistance at numerous class reunions.

Sarah Plant (née Connell) re-joined the General Committee in 2018 after previously serving in 2013-14. Sarah’s experience in sales and marketing was of considerable value during the CGA’s branding refresh project and she has assisted in the more recent development of the Association’s CRM. Sarah also provided support at functions and events.

The CGA Committee and Office look forward to continuing to strengthen our Association and working with you in the future.


Photo by Andrei Stratu on Unsplash.

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