2019 Singapore & Kuala Lumpur International Reunions

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2019 Singapore & Kuala Lumpur International Reunions

KL Reunion

Earlier this month we joined with the School in hosting a Community Event and International Reunion at the Singapore Cricket Club. This was a great success with those in attendance including a wonderful blend of past students, current and past parents, current and past staff members, future families and members of the School Executive.  

2019 International Reunions - 1

This event was followed by a reunion in Kuala Lumpur at Colony a few days later that was also well attended by alumni and members of the School community. It was fantastic to see such a broad range of ages with alumni in the room. 

2019 International Reunions - 2

Many of the past students in attendance enjoyed catching up with Head of Boarding Tim Gallop and Caulfield Campus International Students’ Co-Ordinator Peter Tselios.  

2019 - International Reunion - 3

School Council President Jim Hayman and Principal Ashleigh Martin attended both events as did Sue Sonego (Director of Community Engagement), Andrew Cole (Executive Director, Caulfield Grammar School Foundation) and Mandy Bristow (Associate to the Director of Community Engagement). The CGA was represented by Andrew Aitken and Linda Sprott.

2019 International Reunion - 4

Thank you to everyone who supported and attended these two events. We look forward to continuing to connect with our international Grammarians.

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