2018 Work Experience Program - The Caulfield Grammarians' Association

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2018 Work Experience Program

work experience

In December last year the Association was delighted to host three work experience students as part of the School’s Work Experience Program. Georgia, Philip and Olivia were a great addition to our team. Their enthusiasm and interest in getting a ‘behind the scenes’ view of the CGA ensured the week was beneficial for everyone involved. With their help we obtained a fantastic insight into how our young current and past students think and discovered better ways connect with them. On completion of the program Georgia, Philip and Olivia reflected on their experiences:

Georgia Kiers (2018)

Prior to my week working with the Caulfield Grammar Association, I had the sole focus of gaining skills and experience within the Business Marketing field, as it is the industry I wish to go into next year at university. However, I actually gained so much more from the week, specifically understanding more about what the CGA is about and learning about the stories of fellow grammarians.

In relation to the marketing area of CGA, I found the strategies undertaken to capture the target audience’s attention most fascinating. I enjoyed learning about the process of re-shaping the CGA’s brand and the methods used to redevelop their website. Additionally, our mentors, Rachel, Linda and Ian, taught us how to do simple tasks that may not be the most exciting but are always required when working in an office, thus making it equally rewarding. These skills involved: improving my confidence when talking on the phone, how to best organise your social media platforms and how to stay on top of tasks you need to complete before a deadline. Therefore, not only did I get marketing experience, I also further attained office management skills.

I also valued Linda, Rachel and Ian’s interest in young alumni’s opinions. They did this through asking me how and in what way, they could improve their business to achieve their objective of staying connected with new Grammarians.

Moreover, I also got to go down to the archives and see photos of my Dad, Ian Kiers, who finished in 1982. This area was an intriguing part of learning about Caulfield Grammars’ history as I was able to see photos of dad at the same school, participating in the same activities that I enjoyed in at my time at Caulfield.

Gaining the experience about business marketing yet also learning about Caulfield Grammar’s history has been most valuable. I will continue to stay in touch with CGA and will give back to my school community moving forward into the future. I strongly urge all young Grammarians to stay in touch with the school and the CGA post-graduation.

Philip Li (2020)

At the start of the week I didn’t really know what events and marketing was about, I just wanted to try something new. During the week I got a greater understanding about what the CGA does and how they run their events and marketing. I got to do a lot of interesting things such as designing a Christmas card for 2019, calling people with returned mail to updating their details, posting stories on the website and social media, and project briefs.

Caulfield Grammar School is a great place to study, live and be a part of. There are lots of subjects that you can choose and you will always feel supported by the staff here. CGA is also a great association. The staff here are very friendly and will give you feedback on what you have done. It is a great environment to work in. I enjoyed taking regular breaks to give my head a rest so I didn’t overload it with information. This helped me get back in the mood and allowed me to perform my work better.

The most fun thing I did during work experience was design the Christmas card for 2019. When I finished the design, I felt very satisfied and appreciated the feedback I was given. I want to know more even more about the different jobs that the Caulfield Grammarians do.

Work experience has changed my mind about what I want to do in the future. Now I am looking more towards business and graphic design.

Olivia White (2020)

My week with the Caulfield Grammarians’ Association (CGA) has been interesting and informative to say the least. Not only did I learn about the behind the scene process in which the CGA achieves things like their website and organising class reunions, I also learnt heaps about marketing in general.

My favourite thing we looked at was the digital marketing element to the program. We went through the CGA’s new website and the process behind making it. I also helped schedule posts for the Association’s different social media platforms. I really loved the insight we got about the School and the CGA. Starting with knowing little to none about the Association I now leave with this great knowledge about why it’s important to stay connected with the School for the rest of your life.

The most fun thing we did this week was trying to boost engagement and following for the CGA’s social media platforms. I also liked when we wrote up a brief for Young Alumni because we really got to give our insight and our ideas which made it super fun. I am definitely intrigued to see how the Young Alumni strategy turns out in the future and if our brainstorming and brief will help make it easier for Rachel and Linda to kick start the group.

This one-week program has showed me that there’s so many different strands and types of marketing which made it really interesting to learn about. It has changed my mind a little bit about what I want to do after school and it’s given me more exposure to a possible careers path for me. I’m really thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn more about marketing with the Caulfield Grammarians’ Association and I would love to be involved and help out in the future.

We hope that Georgia, Philip and Olivia obtained a deeper understanding about the business and marketing fields and what their alumni association can do for them. We are sure their futures will be bright regardless of the careers they choose to pursue. Best of luck to Georgia in her first year of university in 2019 and we look forward to welcoming Philip and Olivia as official Grammarians in 2021.

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